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My Babies

Monday, May 2, 2011

A life left to die in a shelter

If you counted the number of days you have lived it is very likely that it will not amount to how many dogs are killed everyday in shelters. It is a harsh reality but it is very true. Shelters are all too often full to their maximum capacity and they are left with no choice but to euthanize animals to make room for new ones. The dogs are lead down death row to face being gassed or an injection. Either way it is nowhere near pleasant for the animals. Sometimes the animal being euthanized doesn't immediately die but they siezure and experience a very uncomfortable death. The sad reality is that the human race is to blame yet the poor animals face the consequence of being killed. Have you ever been to a shelter and looked into a helpless, lost, desperate animals eyes? It's more than heartbreaking let me tell you. Yet, many people chose not to do anything to help or they add to the problem by buying/selling dogs, chosing not to spay/nueter their pet, dump their unwanted pet in a kill shelter or they get a dog without being fully prepared for it and the dog suffers for it.

   So you're sad now? I'm sorry to say this but being sad doesn't help the animals, being sad doesn't make a difference, being sad doesn't give an animal a second chance at a good life, being sad doesn't rescue a dog from a life of torture and neglect, being sad doesn't feed a dog, being sad doesn't comfort a lonley and terrified you undersatnd that just being sad doesn't help anything. People need to stand up for the animlas who can't stand up for themselves. There needs to be more people who care enough to make a difference instead of saying or thinking "someone else will do it" because if everyone lived by that there would be noone doing anything to help.  Do something to make a difference in a life: donate a dollar to help pay for a treat for a sad puppy who was left to die in a shelter, make a blanket for a senior dog who was left to die in a shelter, say hello to a timid dog who was left to die in a shelter, foster a dog over the weekend and show them the meaning of love. Those are just a few things you can do to make a difference and little do you know it made all the difference in the life left to die in a shelter.

 If you walk away with anything today I hope you remember at least one thing: while you sit at home eating a home cooked meal surrounded by the people you love please remember that there are thousands of dogs alone, scared, hungry, battered, beaten, cold and sad sitting in a cage waiting for their forever home knowing that it may never come. Remember that when you're tucked away in your warm bad that there are thousands of dogs that are scheduled to die after you fall asleep, remember that when you wake up the next morning to go on with your everyday life that there are thousands of dogs facing the reality that today will be their last day to live, remember that without the help of people another life will be left to die in a shelter.

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  1. Daisy and I both shared this with our friends. I so hope people are encouraged to start thinking differently...and to make changes. Every body doing a small thing can add up to suge a HUGE thing...and a remarkable difference for all of these precious animals.
    Thank you for all you do.