My Babies

My Babies

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Good Morning Present

Good Morning! For the first morning in about a week I am pleased to announce that I woke up to a pee-free living room! Woohooo! I have 6 dogs so accidents are bound to happen. But come on...everynight?! My dogs are all grown up and know better not to pee inside and they also know that when they do pee inside they have to face the consequenses...meaning they have to go outside and think about what they just did "whats there to think about lady?...I peed. That's it. nothing less..nothing more-it's pee." So I know there's a reason to why they are peeing inside b/c they like the air-conditioning too much to be punished and made to go outside and sit there in the hot, fur frizzing weather. I don't believe in hitting animals. I think it's harsh and to be quite honest- if you got hit everytime you made a mistake you'd probrably be very unhappy so imagine what your pet feels everytime you hit them. Anyway, the pee protruder had peed in the same spot for about 4 days in a row. I can't say I know who did it but I have an idea (not mentioning any names-SUGAR!) Theres something you have to understand about my dogs...they're actually smarter than humans. Really. I'm not bragging just b/c they are my dogs (seriously, who would brag about their dog peeing on the floor) but I truly think they are smarter than humans and anyone with a pittie can side with me on this one. Okay, okay back to the story...I already had it in my mind that I was going to wake up to 'Lake Pee' again so I left the bleach, scrub brush, papertowels and mop out just so I didn't have to rummage through everything to collect it all again. I'm happy to report that there was no pee when I woke up this morning! ( Unless they found a new spot to pee where it would be harder to locate) I wouldn't put it past them to do such a funny thing. So, I thought to myself  "self, why in the world is there no pee today but there has been every other night? What did I do different?" And all the the dogs looked at me as if they knew just what I was thinking and I know that is what they were thinking b/c I can read their minds.( They think they're the only ones with the mind-reading gift- pffft!) I soon realized that they were acting out by peeing in the living room to get me to stay up longer with them at night. (not kidding) Last night was the first night in a while that I actually stayed up until at least 9.( hence why the doggies call me 'old lady') They don't like when I come home to cook dinner, fold clothes, clean the cat box and try and sit down to eat dinner. They'd much rather me grab one of their toys and play ragdoll with them (me being the ragdoll) b/c they are so much stronger than me when we play tug-of-war I end up getting tossed around like a ragdoll. As much as I like being tossed around I've gotta get things cleaned up too. (they dont agree) So, after eating dinner I get pretty sleepy and all I want to do is crawl into bed and sleep (again, they don't agree) so they bang their metal dog bowls on the tile floor, wag their tail against any solid object, lick themselves silly, chew their toys while snorting, play fight, drink water like it's the last time they'll ever see it and run around like a bunch of crazy dogs with their tounges flopping out while flinging crumb-filled slobber everywhere. I must admit it is pretty friggin' funny. So, after I get my way, which isn't very often, I manage to fall asleep. I know that they get together every night on the leather theatre chairs ( bad dogs--hehe I won't tell your Daddy if you don't) to plot against Mommy falling asleep at 8 o'clock every single friggin' night! I think they decided on Sugar doing the dirty work b/c they know that when Sugar does something bad all she has to do is close her eyes and pick up her paw and ask for forgiveness. ( sometimes she does this before I discover whats shes done) She gives herself up. Meanwhile the other doga re in the background thinking "oh, Sugar, now you've done it!" haha. And they know that I can't yell at her for being so sorry. ( I know that secretly she's laughing and saying" I got you good old lady!") But she's right- she did get me b/c I never yell at her no matter how bad she was b/c I know that my dogs do everything for a reason whether it's peeing on the floor to try and guilt me into staying up later, sleeping on the couch b/c they only get blankies now for always chewing their beds, knocking the water jug over b/c all that's left is back-wash, running me down while humping my leg b/c they are so happy to see me after a long day of being away, hiding my new (chewed) flip flop under the couch that I never clean under b/c I forgot to leave chew toys out for them. I told you they're smarter than people. Would you think of doing half of those things to get what you want? I didn't think so. Anyway, so tonight I will stay up a little later just for them. I will cuddle them, kiss them, lay with them, talk to them and maybe even watch some animal hoarding with them. They say I'm getting out of control. ( For onnce, I disagree with them) And maybe tomorrow morning I will wake up to a good morning present other than  'Lake Pee'. I love my dogs (my babies) more than anything in the world. They keep me sane by always understanding me without judging me and they drive me insane by knowing way too much. :) My point in the story is to pay attention to what your dogs are trying to tell you. Obviously they can't talk ( or they'd be in time out half of their life for back talking) and tell you what they want or need. They act out to try and get you to understand what they are trying to communicate to you. So, next time they act out or do something they don't normally do- think abou what they might be trying to say rather than getting them into trouble right away. They will appreciate you a lot more. It's all part of bonding with your four-legged furry family member...

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  1. You're such a good momma....and you are way outnumbered. LOL!;0)
    I love your advice too, because sometimes the first thing we do is get frustrated when something "out of the ordinary" happens...and like you said, the reality is...they're trying to tell us something.