My Babies

My Babies

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


        Have you ever felt like slapping the next person who said something stupid, hitting the door just because you're ticked off, kicking the curb just because you felt like it, calling a friend to scream just because your 'other half' made you mad? If so, you need a dog. Really. Dogs are theraputic in so many ways. Trust me when you live a life as hectic as mine it's great to have so many dogs to go home to. They listen, they cry with you, they kiss away your tears, they lay with you and make funny noises when you're trying to be serious.

        Sometimes you need a friend that will keep their opinions to themselves but we all know that there is no such thing. Well, I'm lying a little because there really is a friend that will listen and understand what your venting about and they won't talk back. (They may huff and puff but don't worry they're not telling you they're bored they're more than likely trying to get comfy because they know they might be there for a while listening to you talk away) Dogs have a way of knowing when something is wrong and they get really sad when you're sad, they get happy when you're happy. They're copy cats or dogs-they feed off of your emotions. So remember when you're emotional they will be too. They're not bipolar.

        Sometimes you need the advice without actually hearing it from someone. I know that sounds like it doesn't make sense but let me break it down for you; sometimes you know the right path to take but you often second guess your decision, although you know that the decision you made is the one you should take. Sometimes you just need a kick in the rear to make it happen but you don't neccessarily want to hear it from your friend, Ms. Talks-way-too-darn-much. Confide in your four-legged-furry family member. I can't quite explain how they are able to reassure you but with their soft stare and positive attitude they're able to convince you that you're making the right choice. (if they second guess themselves then you're effn effed!) haha.

        Sometimes all you need is a special friend. Sometimes all you need is a warm smile. Sometimes all you need is someting to hold. Sometimes all you need is to laugh or cry. Sometimes you just need to be left alone without actually being alone. Sometimes all you need is a friend to share that huge bag of Doritos with. Sometimes when you're sad and confused or happy and overwhelmed all you need is a (whatever you need when you feel that way). Sometimes all you need is someone to laugh at your stupid jokes. Sometimes all you need is a hand to hold during a scary movie. Sometimes all you need is a DOG.

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  1. Amen!! They are absolutely man's (ane woman's) best friend!!! :0)